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Inspirational and educational content designed to uplift and nurture your child's spirit.

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Story Tellings

All of my and my team's storytelling's are 5-10 minutes in length and include valuable life lessons and morals.


We teach everything from colors to reading comprehension. Experience the positive impact creative learning can make!

self esteem and positivity

All of my videos are created from an ethical platform. You can trust that my videos will help your child become more self aware and mindful of their impact in the world.

travel & culture

My travel and culture channel segment will broaden your child's creative mind while teaching them respect for the planet and people around them.

A Word from your ice queen

"As an adult, can you imagine mimicking another person's traits so much so that you are copying that person's clothing, watching their material on repeat, and buying their merchandise? What if you could interact with that person on a regular basis? What change would it make in your life if they encouraged you to love yourself and others the same as you love them? This is an impact that often goes unseen, but when placed in the right hands, has the potential to make a positive impression on humanity which will last for generations. This is why I do what I do. This is my purpose."

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